‘In The Name of God’ But What’s In A Name? By Eddie Luigi

By Eddie Luigi

Yes I know. Never discuss religion or politics, but if you’ve seen my Facebook page you will know my political views, and I discuss them. Frequently.

Let me make it clear from the outset, I am not a Christian, nor am I a Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Jain, Pagan, Jedi or Sikh. I am an Agnostic. 

What is an Agnostic I hear you ask? 

An Agnostic is someone who believes in God, but does not follow a prescribed religion, or is perhaps undecided. 

The purpose of this blog is not to convert you to my way of thinking. 

The truth is what you believe, and your truth is no less valid than my truth.

So, why am I an Agnostic? Let me try to explain. Stay with me on this and hopefully it will become clear.

I have a brother. 

His name is Mark

I call him Boot (family nickname).

My siblings call him ‘brother’

My parents called him ‘son’

My grandparents called him ‘grandson’

My Aunts call him ‘nephew’

Their children call him ‘cousin’

His wife called him ‘darling or ‘dearest’

And probably some pillow name that I don’t know.

My wife calls him ‘brother in law’

My children call him ‘uncle’.

His children call him ‘dad’.

His grandchildren call him ‘granddad’.

There are a lot of other people who have different titles for him but I won’t belabour the point.

By my count that is 14 titles for one man. 

Each of the people have a different relationship and perspective of my brother.

I have never wanted to kill any of them because they relate to him in a different way to me.

I believe there is one God, and it does not matter what title is given to God, be it God, Allah, Jehovah, Yawah, The Force or Kali, as long as people addressing God recognise a supreme entity. 
Your God and my God are the same, only our hearts are different.

Atheists, please don’t imagine that God is weeping or losing any sleep.

God does not need your belief to exist.

So I am an Agnostic because it appears that whenever man gets involved with anything there is an argument that somehow becomes violent and I don’t want anyone to get between me and God.

So stop killing fellow humans in the name of God!!

Eddie is an Agnostic who believes in the existence of God. Eddie has spoken to God and believes that God loves Eddie, but is sometimes disappointed.

When You See A Homeless Person, What Do You See? By Eddie Luigi

By Eddie Luigi 

Let me make it clear from the outset, I have never been homeless. I have on occasion slept on the street at night, but was able to go home after I sobered up. I am not an alcoholic, although I have drunk alcohol to excess on many an occasion. I am not a drug addict, but growing up in the 60s I have experimented with a few recreational substances. 

I did not have the best of childhoods, but then again there were childhoods that were worse than mine, and that is not the point of this blog.

Homelessness for me is like China, I’ve never been there but I know it exists. So, what gives me the right to talk about homelessness. The right of a human being to feel compassion, empathy and distress at the suffering of a fellow human being, that is what gives me the right.

Every night I have known where my bed was, in an adjoining room in my home. Which brings me neatly to a definition of what is a home.

A home is where you reside, it is your address, it gives you a place in society, it is your shelter, it is where you can keep warm in the winter, where you can keep cool in the summer, it is where you keep you possessions, it is where your friends and family go to visit you, it is where you can invite people for a social occasion, it is where you can be private, it is where you feel comfortable, it is where you can relax, it is where you feel safe.

You may have noticed that in the above definition the word ‘you’ and ‘your’ crop up a lot. That is because your home defines you.

There are many reasons why people become homeless. 

Some are fleeing from war zones, some are fleeing from domestic war zones, some are homeless following a relationship breakdown, some because their families can no longer tolerate their anti social behaviour, some because they spent their rent money to feed their habit. 
Whatever the reason, once you become homeless you lose all those things that mean ‘home’.

On leaving school no one chooses homeless drug addict as a career option.

So when you pass that person bundled up in a sleeping bag in a shop doorway, do you see a homeless alcoholic drug addict? Or do you see a broken human being that needs some sort of help? 

There, but for the grace of what ever deity you believe in, go you or I.

Eddie Luigi has experience of the Care system and has worked for the Citizens Advice Bureau; assisting many people at crisis point.

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